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Various online real-time reports available

  • Qualification verifications: Qualification verifier searches the records in our database and supplies a report securely and instantly. There are two kinds of reports available:Standard academic report and/or a comprehensive Executive academic report. Requests for qualification verifications can be done on an individual request basis or by submitting a batch file for a group enquiry.
  • Student enrolment verifications: This is an easy way for loan/bursary providing institutions and medical funds to obtain student status information on students studying at South African academic institutions. This service enables you to verify instantly a student's credentials at the academic institution, such as registration, course information and results.
  • Academic reports: Transcripts of certain participating academic institutions can be ordered online. There academic reports represent a comprehensive report of an Alumni/Students course and result achieved. Please note that only Alumni/Students can order academic reports. An authentic academic report can be delivered to you electronically by QVS.
  • Report tracker: Alumni and students can verify who are searching their academic achievements.
  • CV compiler: Any person can utilize our CV compiler to submit a CV for potential employers to search for.
  • Management reports: QVS offers a flexible reporting system with standard user reports available. On request customised reports can be provided. There is no charge for management reports.
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